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"tech" (not mouth) clicks appearing in sound files

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asked Sep 11, 2016 in AudioBox USB by hollyadams (150 points)

No this question has not been answered.

Mac Mini, brand new, 2.6GHz, Core 15, Memory 8GB 1600MHz DDR3Graphic Intel Ins 1536MB

running El Capitan 10.11.6 ( made to solve the clicky USB problems in .4 and .5)

Audacity 2.1.2, the latest version--and I am on their forum with this problem as well.

PreSonus Limited Edition Audiobox USB that i have used before, with my laptop, with no problems

Eliminated many possibilities: no cords are touching. The cable from Audiobox to mac mini is same as before, a Mogami, which is also separated by superdense packing foam from other cords. Same mike and cord as before, a Blue Spark. The power cord form new monitor has a transformer, and it goes to a completely different outlet on the other side of the room, making it 4-6 feet away from all other cords at all times. I have checked all the plugs and connections,  and unplugged/replugged all cables and cords.

Extra information:

When I go into MIDI to make sure the PreSonus is the default (it is) the input choices are sample rate 44100 and 48000. When I set both the Audiobox and Audacity to 441000 the problem happens with much more frequency than when I have them both set at 48000.

The weird tech clicking sounds can begin at anytime while I record. not related to stopping and starting, not related to pausing, not related to doing an "append record". They will begin appearing, and i can't really hear them while I record, whereas I can hear mouth sounds, but I see them pop up in the files. In playback, they are obvious. I delete the section and begin recording again. Sometimes, it will be corrected. sometimes it takes 3 or more re-records for the clicking to stop.

I apologize for this next bit: I cannot remember if I had to load software onto my laptop when i first got my Audiobox in order to use it. If so, it seems like that could be the problem, as I have not downloaded any thing onto the macmini to use my Audiobox. If that is the case, what is the link to the particular software, etc I need?

One other observation:

the Audiobox says it works with a 24bit integer; Audacity is 32 float. I believe this was the case before as well--again when I had no problems--but I am not sure. After doing a punch record in Audacity, I export it as a standard wav file.

I have two small samples, in WAV format, that i can upload if that would help.

Thank you so much!


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answered Sep 13, 2016 by mattcaprio (148,150 points)
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There is no extra software you need to download to get your AudioBox to work correctly on a Mac computer.

I would first recommend making sure your AudioBox is connected directly to the computer, no USB hubs. Then you can try different USB ports on your computer.

If the issue persists you'll want to test your AudioBox with a different software than Audacity. Audacity is open source and free for a reason.