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My Audiobox USB isn't appearing in my sound preferences when connected via USB-C (Mac)

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asked Dec 1, 2023 in Revelator Series by DakotaHashman (120 points)

So my AudioBox is pretty old and I bought it used. It's never had any issues but lately I've been getting crackles and hums while trying to record with my microphone.

I tried unplugging my MacBooks charger and that didn't change anything, I unplugged the microphone and changed the XLR cables and that didn't help either. With nothing plugged in I turned the mixer completely to the inputs and still heard the hums and crackles.

My Macbook doesn't have USB ports, just USB-C so I usually use an adapter and connect my interface that way. I have a USB-C to USB-B cable but it specifically doesn't work with my Audiobox. I use this cable with my MIDI controller and it connects and works no problem.

I'm thinking my crackling sound is either from my interface or just a poor connection due to the adapter, but when I try connecting my Macbook to it via the direct cable it just doesn't appear in my Sound options. It doesn't appear in my Sound preferences in Ableton or my Sound Settings for my Mac.

Any ideas as to what might cause this? The Audiobox powers on with the power and 48hz light both active when I plug it in with the direct cable.

My Mac is running Sonoma right now. Let me know if you need any further info.


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