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asked May 5 in AudioBox USB by amieshaw (140 points)
reshown May 8 by amieshaw
I have an Audiobox USB that I’ve connected to my MacBook Pro which is currently running macOS Catalina 10.15.4.

I’ve connected the audiobox to my Mac and proceeded to plug in my headphones, guitar and mic as follows:

- Connection from audiobox to Mac via USB-B - USB-C chord.

- Connected headphones via phone jack at the back of the box.

- Connected mic via input 1.

- Connected acoustic guitar via input 2.

The MacBook has detected the device in the audio tab under system preferences and I have set the input and output settings to run both via the box. I can hear both the mic and guitar back in the headphones when the mixer knob is set to input however, the computer is not picking up any audio whatsoever.

Obviously when I change the input device in the audio tab in system preferences to the inbuilt mic, I can see the audio jumping up and down as It detects noise - with the box, there’s nothing.

I’ve tried to play back sound from a video I have saved on computer via the box and it refuses to load. When I change the output settings to run directly from the computers speakers, there’s no issues. I switch it back, and there’s no audio and again, it won’t load.

Note - I do have the UniversalControl installed despite reading that it wasn’t necessary on a Mac. I sourced the link for the download from the Presonus website.

I can’t understand why everything is working perfectly fine, but sound just won’t run between the audiobox and the computer?

I read somewhere that a USB hub would be required but is it not better to have a direct line?

I’m so confused and can’t find the answers anywhere!! Any help is appreciated!

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answered May 6 by joegilder (13,300 points)
It could be you don't have the IO setup correctly set up? The grid inside of Studio One that shows your inputs and outputs?
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answered May 8 by simonbertoni (160 points)
Did you find a solution? I'm having the same issue. Downloaded latest drivers etc but still no joy.
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answered May 20 by lukesweeney (150 points)
Same issue here.  Most unfortunately, I read through all the presonus statements beforehand regarding Mac compatibility and researched thoroughly before purchasing a $90 J5create USB port specifically to ensure a seamless connectivity between the AudioBox iOne and my Mac (running OS Mojave 10.14.16) - and it worked like a charm the very first time I plugged it in.  Today, although the j5create is powering my Mac same as it did before and I'm using the exact same setup, neither GarageBand nor the Mac will recognize the Audiobox whatsoever.  I'm guessing that since PreSonus has not responded with a cohesive answer here or on any related forums, this is perhaps a Mac update issue (yet again)?  Although, I did not update my MacBook Pro in between these two attempts.  Totally frustrating.