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How to use Wacom tablet for handwriting on notion 6 ?

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asked Sep 15, 2016 in Notion by sbastienbancquart (170 points)
Hi !

I've a wacom tablet plugged on my PC. It works very well in every softwares, except in notion 6 : I can see the cursor moving, but I cannot click.

The same way, I cannot write in the handwriting recognition zone. If I do this with the mouse, it works well, but with the tablet, I got nothing.

How can I manage to use this tablet with notion ?

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answered Oct 12, 2016 by ChrisS23 (13,650 points)
selected Nov 28, 2016 by TechSupport77
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we have a Wacom tablet plugged into a PC here straight out of the box and it is working fine for us in Notion6. Can you create a tech support ticket via your account with all your information (operating system, Wacom model, etc) and we'll see if we can help further.

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answered Aug 4, 2017 by miketodd (380 points)
Late in the day, but I have the same problem with my Wacom tablet. It actually works fine if I switch the tablet to mouse-mode, but in absolute-positioning mode (which is pretty much the whole point of the tablet) it just doesn't work.

I eventually created a ticket, but was told that my tablet was too old and unsupported, where in fact there's a bug in their software related to left-clicking in absolute mode. All other software from ancient to the most modern works absolutely fine, but there seems to be no willingness to put this right.

I'd be interested to know which tablet, and whether you got a solution.