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Delete function issue in handwriting mode on Surface Pro 4 (Windows 10)

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asked Oct 28, 2019 in Notion by alessiabigaran (180 points)
edited Oct 28, 2019 by alessiabigaran

since I bought Notion 6 last April I haven't been able to use it in handwriting mode on my Surface Pro 4 due to a problem with the delete function (ie every time I try to delete an entry I get random notes added in the following bar), so - unfortunately - it has been pretty useless for me. I've tried everything from writing in the handwriting window to working in Page Across and Page down view to no avail. Is there anybody else out there experiencing the same problem? Is the issue being addressed in the next update? I think Notion works perfectly in terms of handwriting recognition but this bug unfortunately makes it impossible to use. Thanks in advance for the answers

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answered Nov 13, 2019 by sambrown16 (300 points)

Try the followings steps: 


  • Click "Search" and type "tablet mode settings" without quotes and hit enter.

  • Under tablet mode turn “off” the feature “Make Windows more touch friendly…”

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