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Can not seem to add FX using touch screen in console view

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asked Oct 10, 2016 in Studio One 3 by psusername (540 points)

I have been using Studio One for awhile and recently decided to jump over to touch format. I am using an Acer 23 T232HL touch screen and overall I like the way S1 works but I agree with Robin's review on Molten Music Technology () that the tap and hold action is a hinderance.

I believe I also found a problem adding insert FX from the console view. When I add an FX using a mouse, the action is normal and easy to add, however, when I try to go the touch screen route and select the insert + sign at the top of the channel strip, I get the drop down window and can scroll the FX list, but when I tap to select an FX, the selection highlights in blue but is not inserted. If I switch over to the mouse and make the selection, it is inserted.

To make things crazier, I can add an FX chain using using the touch route using the drop down arrow at the top of the channel strip in the Console view, and that works great - hit the down arrow, select the chain, and it is inserted as expected - it is just when I try to select the individual FXs using the + sign. So it does not appear to be a resolution/fat finger thing.

By the way, adding an FX from the Editor screen works great - just drag and drop.

I am using an ASUS home built system with 32Gs of RAM and a Focusrite Liquid 56 and an NVIDIa GeForce GT640 video driver with Windows 10.

As I said, everything works fine with the mouse, but using the touch screen has bugs.

I really like Studio One and want touch to work, so I hope it is an easy fix. Also let me know if I should add this as a bug to the list.

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answered May 18, 2017 by Jamesrhone1 (200,340 points)
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I do apologize for this issue. It is a known issue and logged with our developers. Unfortunately, I am unable to provide a time frame for when this will be resolved. Please keep an eye out for bug fixes in Studio One update release notes.