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How can I get some personal help getting my 16.4.2 to connect with my laptop and WORK for recording?

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asked Nov 2, 2016 in Classic Mixers by mikecrane (150 points)
Hi.  i bought my 16.4.2 in 2012 and have used it lots in live sound settings, now i want to start recording.  It is so confusing to me!  Three CDs came with the mixer (Capture, Studio One Artist 2 and Universal Control) and no instructions came with the mixer for how to use all three of these.  The instructions i do have only cover capture and lead you to believe you can just install it and start recording - not!  

Also I had to buy an adapter for the firewire to connect to my laptop (Lenovo AMD A8, 2GHz processor, 64 bit, windows 10).

Please I would love to talk with someone who could talk me through doing what i need to do to get set up to record now....Tell me what to download and install (even if I have to buy it), I've looked through your forum, I've looked at all the downloads, I've looked at you tube videos, I just haven't been able to find anything that can get me started.

it all just has to be functional on my 2012 16.4.2.  Thank you so much and please???

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answered Nov 2, 2016 by wahlerstudios (105,290 points)
selected Dec 11, 2016 by ghasenbeck
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You don't need the CDs any longer. Everything is/should be available for download in your PreSonus account.

Please separate the theme Studio One from the rest. You should concentrate on getting your mixer connected to your computer (there is a lot of information in your account, the download area and the knowledge base). Hopefully you have your firewire connection working, otherwise this might get a problem. But there is a forum and in it a special area called "StudioLive Classic" (consoles), where many questions are already answered. If you haven't updated your mixer since 2012, this needs to be done first. You need to be able to remote control your mixer first!

After that you should download the corresponding version of Capture (not the one for the AI family). If you have got remote control by firewire fully running, the next step should be as simple as open Capture and start recording...

Here is your resource for (nearly) anything around your board: