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Recording from StudioLive 24.4.2 to a Windows Laptop

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asked Jan 10 in Computer Based Recording & Production by kanemccarthy (120 points)
I would like to record some live performances but my laptop doesn't not have a firewire input and I'm not sure if buying a Firewire to Usb converter cable would work. If not, are there any other ways to record from the studiolive? Preferably multitrack recording so I can mix afterwards

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answered Jan 10 by pauldecesare (4,380 points)
I faced the same issue. There aren’t any Windows laptops made today with FireWire, I had to build a tower pc and use a PCI FireWire card. There are no FireWire to USB adapters because of the nature of the protocol. Hate to say it but the StudioLive III series mixer is the one you need, it has usb. I bought a series III for our school and I used my laptop with that for a school play and it works great. Sorry, wish I had a better answer.
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answered Jan 13 by (140 points)
I have an Apple Macbook pro. It has a FireWire connector.
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answered Jul 15 by charliejonshon (180 points)

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