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All the lights are on on my AudioBox iTwo regardless of the position

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asked Nov 7, 2016 in AudioBox USB by rupertdowdeswell (150 points)
Everything was working fine, however, I have come home after a couple of weeks away to find all the lights on my AudioBox iTwo are on regardless of the position on/off and the red lights next to the input levels are also on.  Now when I start Studio One 3 it says my AudioBox has failed to start and no longer functions...?

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answered Nov 9, 2016 by mattcaprio (147,860 points)
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The bad news is all lights being on your iTwo indicates a firmware corruption issue.

The good news there's an easy fix.

If you have not already downloaded and installed UC from your products download page, you need only to do so -

Once you've installed the latest supported version of UC (which is v1.8.1 at present), open it up and it should see your AudioBox. It will request a firmware update. Go ahead and execute the update. This should fix your issue.
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answered Jul 28, 2020 by jaywilson12 (180 points)
Try a different USB cable. I just encountered exactly the same thing — all lights on, blue and red. When I swapped for a different USB cable the AudioBox returned to normal.