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Will AVB coexist with other non-AVB devices not involved in it's operation?

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asked May 29, 2015 in Ai Mixers by AlexTinsley (925,190 points)

For example, my "audio control" network consists of both a wired and wireless infrastructure that consists of a dedicated switch in each rack, any of which can also power an external wireless radio.


The network currently connects the following devices:


MacBook Pro (connected wireless for backup control of RM32AI is case of failure)

iPad (connected wireless for remote control of RM32AI)

iPad mini (connected wireless for DMX control)

EV DX-46 DSP (wired connection for dsp control/monitoring)

QSC CM16a (wired connection for amplifier monitoring)

sACN 1.31 dmx output node (wired connection for dmx output)


I often use the MBP to monitor my amplifier levels or change settings on my DSP, I also have used my ipad to remote control the MBP using VNC (in cases of starting break music, etc). If I understand the implementation of AVB in this case, it sounds like I will need to run a dedicated network only for AVB devices, and a secondary network for all other "ip-able" devices, and the two will never be able to talk to each other... Am I understanding this correctly? If so, that really limits my connectivity and/or requires me to carry another dedicated laptop and iPad just to be able to operate exclusively on the AVB network.

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answered May 29, 2015 by AlexTinsley (925,190 points)
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AVB devices and non AVB devices can happily coexist on the same network. That’s one of the beautiful things about AVB. The only requirement is that all switches between AVB devices be AVB compatible. If you’re going out to non-AVB devices those switches don’t need to be AVB compatible.


Here’s an example…


AVB mixer connected to an AVB switch

A non AVB computer is also connected to the AVB switch

AVB speakers connected to a second AVB switch

The two AVB switches are connected together

A non-AVB switch or router is connected to the second AVB switch

Non-AVB devices are connected to the non-AVB switch or router


Everything works perfectly :)
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answered Jun 27, 2017 by ahellquist (600 points)
Everything coexists perfectly!

If AVB vendors did put some effort into adhering to the solid well documented AVB/TSN standard, things would be great.

Imagine using a Presonus AVB console and use MOTU AVB devices on stage for input and output (as in my case where we already have multiple devices) then sending the mix to active AVB end points from yet another true AVB/TSN vendor.

Meanwhile a guy with a modern Mac connects to the AVB network and selects for instance 64 of the already active streams and start multitrack record them without knowing or even caring about what vendor did create the AVB stream and where was it heading?

Modern Apple computers already have the AVB stack as well as networking chip built in and can use AVB to send and receive multiple streams from true AVB/TSN devices directly without additional hardware or software.

I do not think this applies to Presouns devices but I would be happy proven wrong. Can I take my Mac and tap streams from a Presonus console that communicates with a Presonus AVB stage box?

In just a couple of years, I predict true AVB/TSN vendors will be going strong and those who use AVB for a quick vendor lock-in extension cord between console and own brand stage box will be still in business but not as a major AVB/TSN player for obvious reasons.

Watch out when going AVB because AVB is a cool name that anyone  can use but it doesn't necessarily means any of the intended AVB/TSN features is included in the box.