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Even though our RM32 Card does not say AVB, will audio Pass through to the CS18ai ?

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asked Jan 5, 2016 in Ai Mixers by SHABBAZZS1 (170 points)
Our Church has a SL 32ai Mixer at Front of House, an RM32ai connected to the SL over DB25 connectors for our Broadcast Mixer... We bought a CS18ai to control the broadcast mix from another room... We have no audio passing through with current LAN network (We need to run more network cables and get an AVB switch, I know)

We are now going to start a services in our Upper Room 3 days a week.... I am thinking about setting us up with an RM16ai to focus the main mix for broadcast and use an Auxs for room sound, plus we need to record everything as well still.

My hope is to be able to do either of our broadcast Mixs from our CS18ai control room. (same floor and room as RM16)


So... as everything is setup now: will I be able to hear our RM32ai Mixer from another floor through the CS18ai? and the RM16ai from another room, same floor? Or should I be trying to do this all with Dante? hoping to not spend very much...

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answered Jan 6, 2016 by Brad Long (970 points)
edited Jan 6, 2016 by Brad Long
Yes it will. I had the same question when I received my CS18Ai  AVB was not on my option card either like shown in the manual. As long as you're hearing audio fron the headphone jack or the outputs on the CS18 you have a AVB connection. You will need the MOTU AVB switch, which has multiple RJ45 outputs on it. And connect a Cat5 from RM mixer into the MOTU AVB switch, then out of MOTU AVB switch to CS18 & other mixers with AVB option cards installed.