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32.4.2 - Using the firewire for Universal Control and Capture with multiple Computers....

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asked Dec 1, 2016 in Ai Mixers by daviddejoy (150 points)
I'm using a 32.4.2 for a house of worship.  I would like to run 2 Computers from the firewire connections.  One firewire and PC would be used for Universal Control and the other firewire and PC would be used with Capture 2. Is this possible and if not is there another recommended solution?

What we ultimately want to do is use Capture for our recording.

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answered Dec 1, 2016 by wahlerstudios (104,460 points)
selected Dec 11, 2016 by ghasenbeck
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Firewire allows only one computer connection, the other port is used for cascading two SL AI mixers. But let me ask, why do you need two computers? Capture is integrated in UC Surface (basic functions) and anyway you can toggle between the programs, so they don't need to run on different computers. I do it the way that (I use a Mac mini) UC Surface and Capture do fill only a part of the screen (the programs overlap), so that I can easily "grap" a program. I keep UC Surface at the smallest size, which lets me watch the meters of Capture below. This gives me perfect visual control and everything is "at hand".