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Zoom H6 as Interface for more channel

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asked Dec 3, 2016 in Studio One 3 by hsin-kanghuang (150 points)
Dear All,

I want to use Zoom H6 as my Interface for more channel(3 Microfon) with Software Studio One 3.

Is it possible?  

Only Zoom H6 with his LR Microfon is no problem.

Thank you

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answered Apr 18, 2017 by AlexTinsley (912,210 points)
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You would need to setup your 6 Inputs and 2 Outputs manually in Studio One. 

From Studio One Start page select: Start New Song

Then select "Empty Song" under the Interfaces Tab. 

Then when your song is open, hit the (Control + Comma Key Combination on PC / Command + Comma Key Combination on Mac) to open the Song Preferences. Here click where it says Song Setup. 

In the next Window, click the button "Audio I/O"

Here you can set your audio inputs by clicking the buttons to Add (Mono) inputs, or if you're recording in Stereo, Add (Stereo) inputs. 

What I suggest you do is select what is there by default, click Remove, then Add the inputs the way you want to input your audio. Most common is to use "Add(Mono)" as I have done here in this example, where there are 6 Mono Inputs. 

Then select the Output Tab and you should already have 2 outputs set, if not, then just add them. 

Then when you're done, click OK and you'll be taken back to the main arrange window. 

Click on View on the Studio One Title Bar and select "View Mixer" to see the Inputs and Outputs as shown here:

Now you're all ready to use your Zoom H6 as your Audio interface.