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How can I reset the interaction between Studio one and my midi interface?

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asked Dec 3, 2016 in Studio One 3 by jonchang (220 points)

I realize I likely will not get a fix anytime soon, so I am asking for a way to get around the problem

Studio One 3 Professional

This was not a problem until the last few months or so, and I've had Studio One for more than a year now, I believe (started from prime)

Now whenever I hibernate my computer and run Studio One, it fails to load any midi interfaces no matter what I do, except for logging out or restarting my computer (this is before loading any songs)

Things I've tried:

-Hitting the reconnect button and replugging the USB

-updating all USB drivers

-plugging in my other midi interface (Fails to open that one as well)

-Switching USB ports on my computer

-Updating Studio One to latest version

-Running windows update

Details about the problem:

-Let me stress again that this only happens after I hibernate my computer once.

-On the log for the loading screen, it says "Failed to Open CASIO-USB-MIDI"

-It does recognize when the Casio is plugged in

-On the External Devices, it does highlight CASIO as a "Receive From"

-But once I load a song+instrument, no sounds results from key pressing

-Also the MIDI monitor does not show any input from the MIDI interfaces despite pressing keys

-All other USB devices are working fine (IE external sound card, mouse, keyboard)

-I've tried unplugging the USB before I close Studio One 3 and before I hibernate

Thoughts? Recommendations?

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answered Dec 3, 2016 by jonchang (220 points)
I did a screenshot of system specs, but it did not post.

Windows 10 64-bit

HP ENVY 15 Notebook PC


Processor: Intel R Core  i7, 8 CPUs 2.5 Ghz

12228 MB RAM

Direct X 12

My Memory is typically at 41% or less. System Performance level at <12%