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A basic step sequencer as note FX!

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asked Dec 7, 2016 in Studio One Feature Requests by Michael1985 (12,690 points)
The layout should be exactly like the repeater but with "tie".

What is the difference between the repeater and a step sequencer?


It is running with the song start&stop WITHOUT a trigger but has a mute switch to mute it if wanted! Also the position is moving with the actual song position.

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answered Dec 8, 2016 by LBH (4,330 points)
selected Dec 9, 2016 by Michael1985
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Why not vote on this topics instead of creating a new?

BTW: To me the Repeater Note FX  could be a great step sequencer with notes based relative to the notes played with advanced gate possibilities to make each note shorter or longer is it just had a loop feature instead of just playing one time and stop.
A hold feature could be very nice for "live" and improvisation purposses.
This would also be a alternative arpeggiator.