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closed Banks for Plugin Parameters

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asked Dec 14, 2016 in FaderPort Series Feature Requests by TomTama (1,230 points)
closed Dec 6, 2019 by DominicB

There are not enough faders or buttons on the Faderport 8 to control many complex plugins while in Edit Plugin mode. I'd like to see Faderport 8 banks for the plugin parameters. I think having the bank button and controls in the Session Navigator section affect plugin parameter banks instead of channel banks when you're in Edit Plugins mode would be a logical way to implement it.

closed with the note: Feature request has been fulfilled.

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answered Dec 6, 2019 by DominicB (17,160 points)
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As of Studio One version 4.5.5, banking of plugin parameters is possible with the FaderPort 8 and FaderPort 16.

Please update your version of Studio One to version 4.5.5 or later to take advantage of the new features. Features are listed in the release notes for 4.5.5.
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answered Dec 14, 2016 by mattcaprio (147,860 points)

Thank you for the feature request. 

If anyone else agrees or disagrees, then please vote it up, or down. 

To vote:

In agreement click on the little blue triangle pointing up.

In disagreement click on the little blue triangle pointing down.

The developers pay close attention to those that are voted on the most. 

You are allowed one vote. 

Just viewing and agreeing but not clicking on the vote does not help the issue. 

Please click on one or the other. 

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answered Feb 25, 2017 by iansmith7 (510 points)
reshown Apr 12, 2017 by AlexTinsley
I am thinking of returning my FaderPort 8; way too few controls to offer any serious mapping. I cannot any find logical way to use Studio One stock plug-ins such as Pro EQ. 8 assignable faders and 8 buttons are not enough a to map an EQ to give meaningful control. I assumed Banks would work in Plug-ins mode. This is a big omission in my opinion as the controller already lacks assignable rotaries.

What is a dream small format mixer for Studio One is totally ruined by this single factor. If I keep the FaderPort 8 I am forced to use 2 control surfaces If I want tactile control; this kind of defeats the point of the FaderPort.
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answered Jul 28, 2017 by niclasgustafsson1 (2,320 points)
I cant believe its true that this doesnt exists! When in Edit Plugin mode and Banks is pushed, the Prev/Next arrows do nothing that i can see. What the heck cant i use then for banks of plugin parameters? Even Presonus own plugins are useless on the Faderport as i still got to reach for the mouse all the time! What were you guys thinking? It's an amazing controller apart from this. And this was a major selling point, at least to me...
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answered Aug 12, 2017 by harrygeeves (390 points)
I've just bought a Faderport 8 and as this is 8 months on from.the original post, it seems quite ridiculous that this feature hasn't been added yet. Surely the ability to bank plugin parameters should have been available from the initial release? It so frustrating only being able to control a hand full of the controls with the faders and then I have to resort to the mouse to control the rest which completely undermines the whole point of the Faderport in the first place. Please could you address this fix urgently as so.many people are frustrated by this problem.
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answered Aug 18, 2017 by designweb (2,320 points)
I agree, not having more that 8 parameters sucks. Come on Persons, please update the firmware to accommodate this.
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answered Aug 20, 2017 by Bart Hamill (470 points)
For me, Banking Plugins is a DealMaker.

I don't mix music, I do Broadcast Production & don't need a mixer, I need lots of faders & buttons for lots of plugins.  Pots are nice too, but Faders will certainly do the job.

Case in point... each channel of a '6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ' has, among other things, Frequency, Q, Gain, Range, Threshold, Attack & Release.  That gives me 1 Bank for each of the 6 Bands & makes you the Big Cheese [not that you aren't already].

Is that a lot to ask?  No doubt, but you give me that & you will have my $499 the very next day!

Please know that I require my ADL 700, 2 Studio Channels, Firestudio Project, Central Station, HP4, HP2, Audio Box USB, Eris 4.5's, Faderport & Studio One 3 Pro for my daily existence, and that FaderPort 8 is at the top of my wish list.


p.s.  the little blue triangles are not clicking for me [prb'ly my problem, not yours].  Please click the Up Button once for me. :+]
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answered Oct 26, 2017 by zachmcnees (560 points)
+1 for this. I write for and I'm stunned that the functionality for Edit Plugins is so limited. It renders certain plugins virtually unusable on the surface as is.
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answered Oct 26, 2017 by romarioferreiradesousa (450 points)
I cannot believe that Presonus has not yet addressed the issue. I just see that the faderport 16 was announced and still no firmware update for this piece of equipment (fader port 8). Come on Presonus.
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answered Nov 3, 2017 by adamg67 (550 points)
I know this is a bit "me too", but it really is not on that I have had to buy another controller to control plugins. The only saving grace is that the second one (Kenton Killamix Mini) is small enough to take with me for jamming & gigs, so I have the FP8 for mixing and the Killamix for my virtual amp plugins. Luckily I found one second hand as they're expensive.

Vote for the feature that would make the FP8 Great!
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answered Jan 3, 2018 by sajjaadsaleem (1,360 points)
I love Presonus...really, but...I feel like this feature is highly overlooked. We've requested this for some time and instead of a software update we get a product with more faders???

C'mon guys...really! Lets get those unlimited macros and parameter pages going for the faderport 8 please. I really considered buying a **** berhinger BCR 2000 when I already have this awesome piece of quality equipment from you guys already.

In 2018, Lets make it happen PRESONUS
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answered Jan 6, 2018 by stevenicel (3,910 points)
Yes, this point alone is the biggest reason why I steered away from the FP8. I originally searched through all the material I could find to see if I was mistaken about this limitation. But unfortunately not.

So +1 for implementing this into the control surface lineup Presonus. In my view, It just simply has to be there for modern plugin control and speeding up workflow (which clearly for many, is one of the primary reasons a control surface would be needed in the first place).
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answered Jan 15, 2018 by lawrencebrandt (820 points)

Come on PreSonus...we hear no feedback at all! Can you please either say "this feature is in the development roadmap for release 3.x.x." or "we're not interested in adding more than 8 parameters per plugin"....then I can get on with my life and buy something else!

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answered Jan 20, 2018 by ArrowHead (510 points)
I gave this an up vote, as it's a feature I'd love to see.

That being said, once I discovered the "link" button, I have not edited a single effect using the "edit fx" method.  If you select "link",  the pan encoder will control ANY parameter, fader, button, etc... that you hover the mouse over.  I find it much easier to have one hand on the mouse, and the other on the pan knob, editing all parameters of a plugin quickly and easily.  I feel like banking through different parameters and switching faders and buttons would actually be a slower workflow for me.  The link button, if you haven't tried it yet, is wonderful.
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answered Jan 31, 2018 by puustinen (1,020 points)
I was about to buy faderport 8 until I found this topic.

I was planning on using FP8 to control the eq frequency, gain and Q with the FP8 faders. Sounded like a perfect solution to my needs.

Unfortunately most of the eq plugins I know and love, have distinct controls per eq band, so each band would take 3 faders. Then one fader for output and one for input, so you have only 6 faders for bands -> you can only control 2 bands on the eq (the way I wanted to).

So if at all possible, please add the possibility to bank plugin parameters in order to support for example eq plugins.
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answered Mar 26, 2018 by klausegon (500 points)

Ich kann dieser Anfrage zu 100% zustimmen. Ja

Die nicht vorhandene Möglichkeit über eine BANK Funktion ein Plugin komplett zu steuern, ist absolut unverständlich. traurig

Das Presonus über ein Jahr nicht reagiert ist für mich ein Zeichen, dass es Presonus nicht interessiert und auch niemals nachbessern wird.

Sehr schade Nein gebrochenes Herz

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answered Jun 1, 2018 by keithblair1 (540 points)
I had my Faderport 8 for less than 2 hours before I encountered this issue. Trying to use the Faderport 8 on the fat channel plugins that PreSonus is pushing now is extremely limited. This isn't a "well if you want more control buy the FP16 with more controls available" situation to drive people to a more expensive product. For size and needs of many people, the FP8 is perfect. There's no logical reason you can't use banks for plugin control like you do for track control. With this feature added (fixed!) on the FP8, the FP16 would still be attractive for ease of use. Please don't leave the Faderport 8 crippled like this.
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answered Jun 27, 2018 by isaknygaard (490 points)
Just got my faderport 8. Took me literally 10 minutes with it before I reached this limitation.
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answered Nov 21, 2018 by robreid1 (1,380 points)
need this!!!
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answered Feb 6, 2019 by mohdjeffriezalmohdjaafar (380 points)
It has been more than 2 years and still no response or update regarding this matter. It is really frustrating when Presonus choose to ignore our simple request. Why is it so hard to apply the bank for plugin parameter on a firmware update? Why Presonus? Are you as well practice unethical business practice?

Are you pressuring your customer instead of getting a simple solution via update, you pressuring them to upgrade by purchasing another hardware of yours with double of price for just a simple banking feature?

You really get into my nerve Presonus. Really really do with all of your bad decisions regarding Faderport 8.

So many features have been requested for years now, but it seems like you chose to abandon us. Not just we didn't get the simple banking plugin parameter, we also still didn't get any function to recalibrate the fader alignment.

It's like you purposely want to upset us and make us feel like a fool to spend hard earned money on this thing and feel wasted. FEEL CHEATED.

This is advice for your future references in case you want to launch a newer version of Faderport, fired the person who designs this ugly curvy hand resting. It's not symmetrical, it's hard to fit nicely into any desktop or custom desk.

Put your Studio Live MK3 side by side with Faderport 8, can you see what am I talking about? One look stunningly professional, and another look like a freaking toy. Are you mocking us? Why can't you just let us be so proud to own and buy Presonus product? WHY?

You should give the Faderport project to Studio Live team. Kudos on Studio Live MK3. Great design. It just I wish there is a version with no input, strictly DAW controller with or without Audio Interface, if do with optical output. If not just a simple square little bit tilts DAW controller, finger cross, with an actual rotary knob on each channel.
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answered Feb 28, 2019 by santiagolozano (210 points)
How is it possible that Cubase can adapt to the params layers in the plugins, and Studio One has not option for some params banks o layers to control. If this lack of feature is to force us to buy the faderport 16 I would be really disappointed, I feel in avid or pro tools like territory.

Fix This Please, is the last feature to make the faderport 8 great. Thanks
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answered Feb 28, 2019 by normjohnson (1,080 points)
It would be nice if this was just a standard feature across all plugins like the way it's implemented in Bitwig Studio.
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answered Apr 7, 2019 by elliottsebag (7,620 points)
Greetings dear Presonus Staff,

A little up on this feature request, which would be highly appreciated if possible !

Thanks a lot for your consideration,
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answered Jun 19, 2019 by kierancalvert (650 points)
edited Jun 20, 2019 by kierancalvert
I Just purchased a Faderport 8 today and I am astounded at this obstacle! Must be any easy fix? I moved to Studio one from Protools after 20 years as Studio One is actively updated with new features but this is serious miss :(
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answered Jul 12, 2019 by hunterthompson8 (250 points)
How can this continue to be a limitation after 2 and a half years that this request, with many upvotes, has been lodged here? It really seems like an easy update, and PreSonus are deliberately crippling the FP8. Plus, two other feature requests that have been left hanging: (1) Lack of Midi Soft Takeover and (2) Not allowing 2 control surfaces to Map to 1 plugin in Focus mode. Combine all these and I'm regretting this path I've taken with the Faderport 8 and Studio One.. we just want to control plugins and EQ with more than 8 controls, just let the Edit Plugins faders bank!
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answered Aug 1, 2019 by kevinrendleman (1,890 points)
I'm baffled at the lack of updates and support for the FP8.  The potential for customization and workflow is HUGE, but the lack of professional customization options is crippling.  

I work often in the live world and if the FP8 was a digital console, it would be laughed out of the room.  Look at the Midas Pro series with it's six "population groups".  Simply hold down a pop group button for a few seconds until the faders flash, then select the channels you want to belong to that custom group.  When you press a pop group button, you have any combination of inputs and outs directly in front of you.  

Take a look at the sound craft VI series consoles. Each bank of faders has a  touchscreen with channel strip overviews on the top 2/3rds of the screen.  the bottom 1/3rd is filled with relevant controls for each section of the channel strips parameters.  Just touch the EQ for a channel, and the encoders (WHICH ARE BUILT INTO THE TOUCHSCREEN)

We need to ditch this idea of a control surface being a reasonable replacement for keyboard and mouse, and make a CS combining the best of both worlds.  Make a version of the studiolive with no interface and much more visual feedback.  Imagine if we could REALLY rely on the information displayed on a couple of iPad size touchscreens within our reach, we could potentially get to the point where we can work without keyboard and mouse.  If there is nothing legibly displayed on the FP8, that means my eyes are on my monitor just to get grips with what's happening on the FP8.  Defeats the purpose.

 The only thing I feel I can use my FP8 for is keeping my busses or vcas in front of me.  I work on big sessions, and navigating them without custom banks or layers is a nightmare.  The remote mode is a joke as well, and also disables the scene selection feature, so you don't really have the option to view more than one custom bank per session without reorganizing your user layer every time.

As mentioned above, what's with the TERRIBLE CURVE at the bottom of this thing?  It looks embarrassing sitting on my Argosy console (floats way above the armrest and is about 3 inches too deep thanks to that dumb wing in the front). At desk height I see 90% backlight on the scribble strips unless I leave my sweetspot and lean directly over it.  Meters are useless.  Next time, PLEASE make an adjustable angle meter bridge (optional like ICON does with their pro series surfaces) or put actual useful metering led's next to each fader, and not some hilariously inadequate signal/ok/clipped meter like the studiolive.

It seems Presonus is having an identity crisis, where they can't decide who their target audience is.  The price point on your products is great for bedroom producers (and hey, everyone likes reasonably priced things) but the design choices are strange and almost every presonus device I've purchased has had little to no post-release updates or added functionality, even when these forums are flooded with smart design (and seemingly simple to implement) ideas.

We keep seeing features for production, but rarely any updates to workflow, control integration and customization for pro users.  The majority of the most popular/upvoted FR's are from pro users telling you to get it together!
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answered Aug 15, 2019 by bradollis (220 points)
Glad I found this before purchasing. This was the main reason I wanted a controller and makes it too limited for my needs.
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answered Nov 14, 2019 by kwonyoong (280 points)
edited Nov 14, 2019 by kwonyoong
I contacted Presonus and here is what I got today.

Conclusion : No progress or plan for 3 years. No hope for waiting an update.

On Faderport 8, I can bank my audio tracks, busses etc. but not my plugins.
And I can see it is one of the most requested features for the Faderport 8 and 16. (Check out the Q&A section)

Although It is one of the most requested features for Faderport, I can't find any responses from Presonus about this for about 3 years.
So I request the responses from Presonus that this feature is working on progress or at least being on the list.

Please don't give me "we can't tell you for now" things.
Because we users are waiting your response for 3 years.

Have a nice day.

I wrote down "it is one of the most requested features".
Actually it is the number one requested features.
It has most votes on FaderPort Series Feature Requests page. (181 Votes)
Please don't ignore users.

<Answer from Presonus>
Hello Yoong,

My sincerest apologies, however, I do not have any information on this subject.

The best thing to do is to wait for new updates, where we will roll out new features as they are developed.

We do apologize for the inconvenience.

I'm here to help if you have any questions.

If you do not have an update plan, I do not need to wait for an update.
Because there will be no hope for waiting.
That is the reason I requested "the responses from Presonus that this feature is working on progress or at least being on the list".

If it is on update plan list, I'm happy to wait till it is released.
But I don't have any clue that there will an update.
According to your answer, It seems that even the Presonus who developed the product, doesn't know their update progress or plan.
This means the Presonus don't have any plan for update that feature.

What I got today was "3 years of request but no progress at all".
I'm very disappointed that the developer doesn't care the most requested feature since its release.
I'm just going to share this on forum to inform the other users that we don't need to wait because there is no progress or plan at all.

Thanks for your answer.
Have a nice day.
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answered Nov 19, 2019 by jondkinney (380 points)
Any update Presonus? I just picked up the Console 1 fader. Love my Console 1 (non-fader) unit as well, they're going to be a killer combo, but it still won't give me generic tactile control over Studio One plugins or any of my 3rd party ones that aren't Softube or UAD. The only reason for me to keep the FaderPort 8 at this point is transport, but I can use my Atom (or the Console 1 Fader) for that...
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answered Nov 20, 2019 by TomTama (1,230 points)
Thank you, PreSonus for finally making this feature available! I especially like the auto-fill feature.