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Manually installing StudioLive/FireStudio devices from Device Manager (Windows)

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asked Aug 18, 2015 in Ai Mixers by AlexTinsley (902,840 points)
No matter what I do the device driver will not install on my windows system. Is there any other way of forcing it in the OS?

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answered Aug 18, 2015 by AlexTinsley (902,840 points)
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Sometimes when a driver for a StudioLive mixer or FireStudio Project/Mobile device is installed, the device driver may not accept the Plug and Play code and link the registry up to that said device.  This may happen for the following, but not all, reasons:

Device drivers were installed while extneral software (i.e. Norton/Avast Firewall software, Domain machine folder restrictions, etc.).
You installed a newer version of the driver found on your system which causes conflicts with Registry OEM.inf files.
Co-install issues with Universal Control AI issues existed and the registry is having problems finding the right driver on your system.
When these issues occur, it is possible to point to the correct Universal Control (Universal Control AI) folder to manually find the device Fdriver and install the system drivers correctly.  To do this, take the following steps:
Installing the device driver manually in Windows Device Manager:
1.  Locate the FireStudio device (or StudioLive mixer) in the Other Devices area of your Device Manager.  Your device will show up as the name of your device in a certain format.  For example, this StudioLive is showing as a "STUDIOLIVE_2442_mk2" which is a StudioLive 24.4.2 AI mixer (a FireStudio Project will show up as "FIRESTUDIO_PROJECT")  

If you are not seeing the device in this area, please click here to confirm the device is connected and functioning before continuing to step 2.


2.  Right-Click on the device and click on "Update Driver Software."


3.  Click on "Browse My Computer."


4.  You want to browse and locate the designated folder for the device.

-  Installing Classic StudioLive mixers (Non-AI) and FireStudio interfaces - Select the file folder: 

C:\Program Files\PreSonus\UniversalControl

-  Installing StudioLive AI mixers (XX.4.2 mixers and RM Series) - Select the folder:

C:\Program Files\PreSonus\Universal Control AI\Drivers

NOTE:  Make sure to select the "Include Subfolders" check box and then click "Next."


5.  When your device is installing, you will see a progress bar.  This progress bar could take anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of minutes to complete.


6.  Once the Driver installation is successful, you will see the device driver confirm, or you may see a prompt to "install" other components.  Please allow those components as well to install.

Once the installation is complete, please click the "Next" button to finalize the installation.

***StudioLive AI mixers only***

One final step might be to install a second "hidden" file located on device manager.  I would be necessary to click on "Show Hidden Devices" as mentioned on the below picture and complete steps 2 thru 6 again.

Installation Errors and Troubleshooting

If you for some reason are given an error when loading this driver, as shown below, I would take the following steps: