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I've installed Universal Control on my MacOS 10.13 system, why are my FireWire devices not showing up?

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asked Apr 23, 2018 in Ai Mixers by abrand2 (32,110 points)
When I installed 10.13.3 from scratch on my Mac system, I installed the the latest Universal Control driver for my product from the Downloads page.  Upon install, my devices no longer show up in Universal Control as FireWire devices, but they do show up in the System information file as connected FireWire interfaces.

How can I get the driver to show up?

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answered Apr 23, 2018 by abrand2 (32,110 points)
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As shown in the Picture below, when you locate your System Information file on your MacOS system, in disabled software you might see the "PaeFireStudio.kext" file is "disabled."  You will also notice that the driver might say "No User Consent."  This is because the driver is shown as not being validated by you the user in order to use it, with the added security measures Apple has put in place on .KEXT file extensions on drivers.

Given that you have followed and confirmed the device is connected (with this link from the Knowledge Base), you should be able to use this article below as a guide to understand how this validation works with MacOS 10.13.+:

Installation Issues with Universal Control on High Sierra Mac OSX 10.13


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answered May 23, 2020 by mustang1 (140 points)
Thank you a lot, It worked perfectly !

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