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A list of plugins that run correctly with S1 !

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asked Jan 5, 2017 in Studio One 3 by angelomariasalvati (230 points)
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Hi guys,

I've the same problem - NOT YET RESOLVED - that other S1 users have as I read in this Forum: S1 crashes during the plugins scannin process.

So, I've more than 20 GByte of plugins and I've no other time to waste to search which one is the problem (I've contacted the  Presonus Support but the problem is still open). 

Please, before I ask Presonus for the refund of my money spent for S1 only one month ago, somebody can give me a list of plugins thet are "certified" to run with S1 or anyway that runs correctly with S1 ?   

Thanks a lot! 



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answered Jan 5, 2017 by philangus (8,640 points)
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I can only assume you are talking about 3rd party plugins? if so, there are all sorts of reasons and factors why there may be an issue with a particular plug in on a particular PC to not load, and just labelling it as a 'S1' issue is not right! You can't expect Presonus to certify 3rd party plugins, it would be down to (for example) Waves to deal with why a plugin is not working, not for Presonus to certify it.

My advice would be to install Presonus S1 cleanly, use whatever plugins come bundled and then add 3rd party ones, one at a time rather than just flood the directory with them all and expect S1 to scan and love them all.