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Add music from Youtube

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asked Jan 5, 2017 in Studio One 3 by theodoramonchiet (140 points)

Hello, already i'm french so, sorry for my mistakes.

I have the Studio One software since 2 weeks, and i would like record my voice with music, but i don't know how to import music ( from YouTube ) for to put on the software and then record my voice with the music. I don't know if is it possible.

I hope that i was clear... In English it is not easy to explain but i don't choice because i have find in Google but i have not found anything and there is no site in French for that. 

In fact i want to make Cover


I still put the explanation in french if there are someone who speak French:

Alors voila j'ai un problème par rapport au logiciel, je ne sais pas comment faire pour importer une musique qui provient d'une plateforme comme YouTube, pour ensuite mettre la musique dans Studio One et ensuite enregistrer ma voix sur la musique. L'objectif final serait bien-sur d'enregistrer le projet comme " Cover ".  Je ne sais pas si c'est possible et si ça l'ai pas y aurait il une autre solution pour faire ce que je voudrai ?

Merci d'avance!!!!! smiley

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answered Jan 5, 2017 by markferrizzi (560 points)
selected Jan 6, 2017 by theodoramonchiet
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You can download a version of Audio Hijack for free it work great it is easy and if you like it

you can upgrade to pro.

I have been using it for Ableton, Pro Tools and Now Studio One, good luck