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Is there an API that studio one remote uses which can be used by other apps?

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asked Jan 13, 2017 in Studio One Feature Requests by suparngupta (390 points)

For the rest of the post, I am going to use macros and shortcuts interchangeably for a keyboard shortcut to execute a series of actions.

I love my Studio one 3 being a long time Cubase user. And I find the Remote App an indispensable tool during recording sessions. I mostly record myself and it usually gets very clunky to reach for my mouse and keyboard especially while playing the drums. 

However, I still find a lot of room for the improvement in the workflow for solo artists and one thing that I have built and have been using for some time is an app which lets me quickly access the macros from my iPad with a dedicated interface. Here is a screenshot .

This exposes the list of macros organized by how I want them to be into easily tappable buttons on my iPad especially when I am recording. So, imagine if I I am playing a piece on drums and I mess it up. Then, I simply tap Clear and record and Studio one stops the recording, clears the last recorded sample and restarts the recording from the beginning of the loop without me diving through the menus on the official remote app. 

I also group my macros and shortcuts as pages (see the three dots at the bottom, it means I have 3 more pages of macros). It makes the shortcut and macro organization way more efficient for me. 

How did I implement it?

Well, there are a lot of caveats but from a 10000 feet overview, the app sends a message to a server on my mac and the server executes a keyboard shortcut. One big caveat is that, I have to create macros in the Studio One 3 and then create them in the app. 

What am I looking for?

I know that studio one remote interacts really well with the studio one using the UCNET networking protocol. Does that mean, Studio one exposes an API interface which I can consume for the app? If that is possible, then I can keep those macros and shortcuts in sync with my app all the time and possible execute them directly like Studio one remote does instead of issuing silly Keyboard commands.

P.S. This app is only intended for my personal use only to make my workflow much more personal and efficient. I can share the code if you want.



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answered Jan 13, 2017 by AlexTinsley (924,900 points)

Presently there is not a documented API or SDK for Studio One that would allow developers like yourself write extensions. There have been some community members that have already done this on their own, check our forum for details. 

As for a formal documented SDK provided by PreSonus, that would be a feature request. 

Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Sep 17, 2019 by aurallion (1,780 points)
I also think that API for studio live series iii mixer will be interesting and useful, especially if third party want to create integration or automation with another application or system.
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answered Feb 12, 2021 by briancollins11 (250 points)

An API like this (i.e. documentation of the existing Remote API) would really help me too.

After I moved from Ableton to Studio One, I had a Push 2 with no real use. So I have developed some open-sourced software for it (Windows only unfortunately) to control any DAW over Midi. It is obviously possible to use Control Link in Studio One to trigger any actions or predefined macros from Midi. And the software can also issue PC keyboard key presses if needed (though Control Link is probably enough).

The Push 2 display is used for some status information. However, the whole process is only one way - the Push 2 can only send Midi to the listening DAW. It is unable to discover or display anything from the DAW.

But if I had access to the Remote API, the integration with Studio One would be far greater. My software could discover the available actions and macros for mapping without the additional step of Control Link. The current mapping could be displayed as on-screen button labels. And the Push 2 display could be used for real-time playing information instead of just the state of the controller's pad mapping.

So PreSonus ...

Could you please publish this API information.

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answered Jul 2, 2021 by giacobbinopozzo (520 points)
This needs to be considered !
Having a UC Surface API would be crucial now that the Revelator mic and interface exists.
The ability for third party developers to implement MIDI or remote control would be awesome for the streaming world !
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answered Jul 8, 2021 by miotaalas (890 points)
For live stream broadcast of esports, automation and OSC API supports are absolute requirements.

These days even big live broadcast studios and productions are mainly (90% of the time) one person jobs pushing buttons on streamdeck or OSC remote control. And only the largest main events are fully manned, which can mean as few as 4 people in multi million euro studios for a few days.

Without proper, OPEN remote API and OSC support, presonus mixers aren't suitable for live stream broadcast studios.

And presonus is standing alone without any open remote API within digital mixers.