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IP control spec / API access for StudioLive 16R

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asked Jun 21, 2019 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by paulgalow (240 points)

Hi everyone at Presonus,

happy users of our newly purchased StudioLive 16R over here. Now one thing that's seriously missing for our purposes is API access or at least an IP control spec so that we can integrate the StudioLive with our studio setup / controllers.

As an example of what you could do, have a look at Bitfocus Companion.

This open-source software allows for the integration of dozens of a/v devices with external controllers such as the Elgato Stream Deck. It allows to automate complex setups. The project community is open to developing a plugin as well.

A great use case for us would be to have a small remote controllable button to Mute / Unmute the StudioLive. This would be something we could hand out to non-technical people. For example: We are regularly recording interviews. Now sometimes the interviewees ask to mute the mic if something confidential comes up (off the record). Providing them with a small external button / remote controller to do so themselves would be amazing.

Thanks for looking into this. Opening up your devices to this kind of open-source integration would make your StudioLive series all the more valuable for us.


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answered Jul 19, 2019 by jonnydoyle (278,280 points)
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