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Connection method with a computer

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asked Jan 14, 2017 in Customer Account Portal by hussaineid (150 points)

I am one of the people who Almhoudodan presouns 16.0.2 and so having a device, but there were several problems, namely:
First cedi supplied with the device did not reach.
Secondly, the process of the connection to the computer is done by Mozilla ware which to my knowledge is no longer available in all computers. Is there adapter from Mozilla ware to the USB or is there another way of connecting.
I hope that you Altjawab me about the objective and thank you.

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answered Jan 21, 2017 by ghasenbeck (354,510 points)
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The 16.0.2 is a Firewire Console. In order to properly operate the console with a computer, you must have a computer with a proper and compatible firewire card. There is NO USB adapter out there that is able to keep up with converting between USB and FW properly for digital audio recording.