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Replacement for AUDIOBOX USB sound card

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asked Jan 17, 2017 in AudioBox USB by ovyhnal (120 points)
Hi, I am Studio One v3 user on AUDIOBOX USB sound card. I am happy with S1, but I am looking for tips how to improve sound. AUDIOBOX USB sound card works fine, but is there a sound card that is as simple as AUDIOBOX USB but has significantly better pre-amps and overall sound? I'd prefer Presonus soundcard, but if someone has good experience using S1 with another sound card then please advice. I need as simple as possible device, guaranteed function with S1 v3 (I hate solving incompatibility issues), minimal size of the card (space limitations),  2 inputs are enough (its for home recording of guitar,piano, etc..). Rich sound desired.

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answered Jan 18, 2017 by LMike (14,730 points)

You may want to look at some of the newer generations of Audiobox devices on the store page linked below.  The device range is pretty diverse in both feature set and price.

From your comments above the iTwo may fit the bill...

audiobox iTwo