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Retain Colors And Icons For Channels With Scenes

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asked Feb 23, 2017 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by dbackschies (750 points)
With UC Surface 2.0 the ability to assign colors to individual channels is nice, they don't appear to be saved with the scene.  The icons are the same.  These would be really nice to retain.

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answered Feb 24, 2017 by Skip Jones (163,740 points)
selected Apr 12, 2017 by AlexTinsley
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Thank you for the feature request. 

If anyone else agrees or disagrees, then please vote it up, or down. 

To vote:

In agreement click on the little blue triangle pointing up.

In disagreement click on the little blue triangle pointing down.

The developers pay close attention to those that are voted on the most. 

You are allowed one vote. 

Just viewing and agreeing but not clicking on the vote does not help the issue. 

Please click on one or the other. 

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answered Mar 3, 2017 by wolfganggroeschel (260 points)
Yes. I fully agree. Colors and Icons should be retained in order to prevent from entering again and again.
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answered Mar 19, 2017 by bdelery (230 points)
To add to this, they don't seem to be synced between devices. So if we change a track color and icon on Mac, it doesn't show up on the iPad app. And vice-versa.
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answered Jan 7, 2018 by fabrizioroncato (140 points)
Same here, please take a look about this answer, it's very frustrating!

Thank you Presonus
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answered May 9, 2018 by josuejahn (160 points)
Bha! Um saco isso. Quando vão resolver????