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Add Mix Master Channels & FlexMixes to Scene Safe and improve the Scenes & Projects functionality

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asked Feb 8, 2023 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by shervin.sardari (230 points)

Please improve the overall functionality of "Scenes And Projects" in order to make the mixer more flexible and suitable for professional applications.

(1) Add Channels & Mixes to the Scene Safe Selection:

  • Complete Mixes (Main Mix, FlexMix 1-16, Fx Sends A-D)
  • Mix Master Channels (Main Mix, FlexMix 1-16, Sub A-D, Fx Sends A-D)
  • DCA 1-24
  • FX Return A-D
  • Aux In 1-2
  • Tape In
  • Talkback

If a whole mix is selected, it should not get recalled with a scene recall (including their corresponding Mix Master). To navigate between Channels & Mixes, a sub-selection-menu would be useful (similar to the "Project Filters" & "Scene Filters" Sub-Menu).

Explanation: Adding DCAs & Mix Master Channels improves the flexibility of the scene function. For example you can scene safe some specific Mix Masters & DCAs in order to control the overall output of Main speakers & monitors without resetting their volume by each scene recall. Similarly some FlexMixes should not be recalled, e.g. Matrixes for delay lines, broadcast mixes, talk bus, etc...

(2) User Layer on Scenes-Memory
Please move the User Layer-recall from the "Project"-memory to the "Scene"-memory and make it recallable via Scene settings.

Explanation: That way certain channels that are needed for certain songs/channels can be loaded & unloaded on the User Layer on a scene-by-scene-basis without having to recall the whole project. Users who don't need this much flexibility won't have any disadvantage, as they will just safe their needed User Layer on all scenes.

(3) Projects & Scenes remember their Filters
Please make projects & scenes remember which filters have been selected. This way you can safe different project/scene settings with different filters, without having to (un-)select the needed filters. A new project/scene will safe the filters that are currently selected.

Explanation: This will improve the workflow and make sure that people who are not too familiar with the mixer (e.g. volunteers) won't recall a scene/project with the wrong filters.

(4) Bug Fix:
In some situations, channels selected in the "Scene Safe" menu will still recall preamp settings (Gain & Phantom Power) when a scene is recalled. This happened to me on several (safed) channels repeatedly. The bug stopped after a power cycle of the console.

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