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Pre fade metering option

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asked Mar 2, 2017 in Studio One Feature Requests by mikesupina (2,560 points)
A pre fader metering option for the faders would be awesome to have in studio one (both mix and edit obviously). This was usually just (as far as I know) a Pro Tools thing, but, I know Reaper has just implemented this. It's a very nice feature to have.

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answered Mar 3, 2017 by maxstratmann (42,090 points)

Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered May 30, 2017 by brentelliott (390 points)
It's not just a Pro Tools thing.  It's a mixing console thing.  I don't know what the purported benefits of post-fader metering are.  It makes gain staging needlessly difficult, and obscures helpful mixing information.  Pre-fader solves all of the problems of post-fader metering without introducing any additional problems.
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answered Oct 17, 2017 by kevinwilliams9 (310 points)
edited Oct 17, 2017 by kevinwilliams9
There are pros & cons to every DAW & I miss pre-fader metering option that you have with analog consoles, Pro Tools & Logic.  We shouldn't have to insert a VU meter plugin on every channel for this info.  You're right, post fader metering is useless to me when mixing & gain staging!  This is quite an inconvenience & a hindrance to my work flow.
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answered Jan 3, 2018 by stuartmaxwell (3,060 points)
I’ve seen lots of discussion on this topic elsewhere and in some cases is a major reason why some people won’t switch over from other daws. This would be a great addition to s1.
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answered Jan 5, 2018 by Scoox (12,290 points)
Yes please this would be handy
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answered Feb 15, 2018 by scissorkicks (360 points)
I  can't believe we're in 2018 and this still hasn't been implemented. Even crummy old analogue boards that cost less than a S1 V3 Pro license can do this.
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answered Nov 19, 2018 by waltmecleary (450 points)
Agreed, I am demo-ing S1 and coming from PT.

Post fader metering has always been 98.9% useless - I can't imagine how audio software got released with only post fader option.

Years ago when I came across that feature in Pro Tools (in the 888 days) I thought, what is the point? my fader goes down the meter goes down... my fader goes up the meter goes up... what is this meter telling me that I don't already know?

I came across this thread because I hit solo in a section and I knew I had audio on some adjacent tracks... however the meters dropped out when the mutes were applied to the non-soloed tracks. Kind of sent me back a bit.  I thought there had to be a tick box somewhere, nobody would release software with post fader only metering.

I will try the VU option.

On the plus side creating songs is a joy with S1 compared to PT.

But wow some common sense things are frustrating.
I was thinking of getting the studioLive III but now I must see if that does the same thing or maybe I can see the levels feeding into the channel from the DAW.
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answered Nov 20, 2018 by brentelliott (390 points)
Bumping this for Studio One 4, since this request was made for Studio One 3.
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answered Dec 12, 2018 by danilocapitanio (240 points)

I came from Pro Tools and Logic and both can do this. Post-fader is completely unusefull, you could not see if you're clipping unless you put the fader on 0. And the most important thing is: nowadays 90% of the mix engineer use plugins that emulates analog hardware and they have operative levels that needs to be followed to make them work right. Yes you can see the input metering of the plugin, but you can't do that before you put the plugin on, so post-fader metering makes gain staging more difficult and at the same time it won't give you any advantage. 

Please we're almost in 2019, enable this feature, it's so simple you can do this in less than one day.

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answered Jan 5, 2019 by technicaldepartment (190 points)
Yes every analog console has VU or Peak meters.  They show the "actual" signal on [tape / DAW file].  This is the same way ProTools and Logic work.  Post fader and post cut is totally silly.  I.E. If you have the channel muted or the volume down, you have NO IDEA, that there's actually signal on that track.  As mentioned below, this is 2019.  This should be fixed ASAP.