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Unwanted preset's changes using Arturia Analog Factory.

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asked Mar 13, 2017 in Studio One 3 by ajlozano (640 points)
Hello board! Newbie here, Im amazed with StudioOne, still in my first steps, searching and learning with great enthusiasm. My problem  its an issue while using Arturia's Analog Fact. The instrument loads fine,  then I choose a preset to work it out, when I have my desired sound, I close StudioOne's instruments channel to listen all tracks.
Then suddenly my arturia's sound changes to a random factory preset with no reason. I decided to save the whole file (preset and STOne's project)  before any further action but its doesnt prevent the sound change. Ive checked midi channels, arturia's settings but found nothing related to this. My Arturia works fine in other daws.
This little issue interrups the amazing workflow of Studio One.
Any clues?
Thanks in advance !

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answered Mar 19, 2017 by ghasenbeck (354,510 points)
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In order to get visibility on this issue by Arturia, you need to contact them directly and make them aware of the issue. PreSonus also will be contacting Arturia about this at the same time. As more Arturia customers contact them and let them know what they are seeing, the more attention Arturia will work on shifting resources to investigate the problem and work on a solution.