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FIrestudio Project won't sync

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asked Apr 29, 2017 in FireStudio Series by coop2925 (150 points)
My studio uses a 16.0.2 and two Firestudio Project interfaces, one newer than the other. Recently, I had to remove my 16.0.2 to return to Presonus for repair, but had a session coming up, so I connected my 2 FSP (older FSP>newer FSP>computer). When I turned everything on, the older unit synced, and the other one did not, even though both were showing up correctly on their respective UC mixers. I unplugged everything and connected the non-syncing unit directly to my MacBook Pro and it did not sync. I checked firmware and it indicated that it was up to date. I then performed a factory reset, still no sync. I then connected the other FS directly (the one that synced before) and it would now not sync. I hooked up the units the way I originally had them and now neither of the FS would sync, even though both showed up on UC and the UC mixers were showing the correct audio signals. I verified the correct version of UC and even did another install just to make sure - all up to date, but still no sync. restarted several times, no luck. Powered off/on several times, no luck. I have tried every permutation of powering, connecting and launching but cannot get these units to sync. What is the problem?

MacBook Pro, Mid-2011, OSX 10.12.4

Universal Control 1.7.4, Driver x6437

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answered May 3, 2017 by paulclarke2 (27,340 points)
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Try attempting a complete uninstall/reinstall of your FireStudio drivers.

>>> First, download the Universal Control 1.7.4 .dmg file:

>>>  Use the Uninstaller file from the UC 1.7.4 pkg.

>>> Then click your Go menu and select Go To Folder.

>>> type or copy/paste this precisely.


>>> Click GO

>>> Find the PaeFireStudio.kext file and trash it.

>>> Then close the windows currently open.

>>> Click the Go menu again and select Go To Folder.

>>> Type or copy/paste this precisely.


>>> Find and trash these files.


>>> Empty Trash and restart

>>> Then run the UC 1.7.4 installer.

If the issue persists, create a support ticket from your my.presonus account. Attach a System profile to your ticket.

To access your MAC's System Profile:

- Apple Menu --> About this Mac... --> System Report --> File --> Save
- Save it as "your_name.spx"

- Attach the .spx file to the support ticket
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answered Apr 2, 2019 by eddieksongs (190 points)
I unistalled the Universal Control prog as outlined below-followed all the steps for trashing prefs, etc-to no avail.

Then, I went to the Universal Control settings page and toggled a few times between Firestudio Master and Firestudio spidf-and "poof"!! I'm back in sync. Couldn't begin to explain why it happened, but very glad to have it worked out. Cheers!