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I can't get my Blue Yeti to pick up

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asked May 2, 2017 in Studio One 3 by jonathanthornhill (190 points)
I'm using a Macbook Pro, 2015 model with the latest OS update.

I have bought a USB Blue Yeti that came with the software, but when I plug it into Studio one, it won't let me record.

The track is armed, and the yeti is selected as the audio input/output, but in the selection menu, it won't let me select input one or two, and therefore I can;t record anything.  The mic works well with Audacity and GarageBand, but i can't get it to work with this program.  I also have headphones plugged into the Yeti

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answered May 3, 2017 by Jamesrhone1 (199,690 points)
selected May 3, 2017 by jonathanthornhill
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Sorry to hear about the recent issues you have been experiencing.

→ For USB Microphones on a MAC: Go to Audio Midi Setup, this is found in your Applications > Utilities folder.

Create an Aggregate device ( and set the input for the aggregate device to the Yeti, set the output to the output source you wish to use.

In StudioOne you will set the "Audio Device" setting in Preferences > Audio Setup  to the Aggregate device you set up in your AudioMidi Setup. From here you will be able to use the Yeti.
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answered May 3, 2017 by jonathanthornhill (190 points)
I'm sorry, but I had already done all of the above steps.  Presonus recognizes the Yeti, but it won't pick up any sound.  As stated, it's not the mic, as the mic picks up immediately with other software
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answered May 6, 2017 by robertmcpherson1 (260 points)

As  Jamesrhone1 stated.  That is exactly how you do it.  I just setup my Yeti Studio and am using OS Sierra 10.12.4 with Presonus One.  It worked flawlessly.  Thank you for you assistance  Jamesrhone1.  I just wish Presonus and BlueMic would explain this.  I looked all over and came across this.