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My computer won't pick up my interface since I did these thing!! Can anyone help

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asked Sep 13 in MyPreSonus Questions by daijonv21 (120 points)
So when I first unboxed my Audiobox usb96 . I set it up and it picked up perfectly on GarageBand.

after recording a song.. I decided to read more on the box.. and Manuel and decided to download and join preSonus.

I downloaded, registered my interface, and then paid 9.99 to join...

I went back into GarageBand and it wasn't working anymore.... my interface des not pick up..

so I decided well wow, before I registered it wss working. So I immediately went back to the account and DELETED DATA and PRESONUS...

now that I didn't read what that does... I remade an account unnder the same email...

my inerface hardware says "keys already registered and it won't let me type it back in....

Please, what Do i do now that still my interface won't pick up on GarageBand... I cannot record any tracks or book clients :/

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answered Sep 15 by rionquiroz1 (4,210 points)
Hey go ahead and shoot me and email maybe i can help you sort this out
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answered Sep 16 by mackjohnson1 (52,010 points)

Create a support ticket, they should be able to help you out.