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How do you hook up a guitar?

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asked May 2, 2017 in Studio One 3 by doctorductape (490 points)
Hi! This is kind of a dumb question, but how do you hook up a guitar to an AudioBox USB? I have a guitar cable, but do you hook it up from the amp output to the audiobox, or do you use a microphone, or what? And, once you do, how can you record? Thanks in advance.

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answered May 19, 2017 by PreSonuSupt4 (221,100 points)
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Recording a guitar is much the same as any source signal and one section from the support article below ... 

... gives a step by step for recording with the AudioBox.


Verify that you have set the gain for your inputs properly. Use this method to receive a usable signal in your DAW:

  1. Plug your input source (mic, guitar, etc.) into an input on your AudioBox. If using a condenser microphone, see step 9.
  2. Set the Mixer knob to Inputs
  3. If you are using headphones, turn the Phones knob to the 12 O'clock position
  4. If you are using speakers, turn the Main knob to the 12 O'clock position
  5. Speak into your mic or play your instrument, then SLOWLY turn up the gain for the channel you are using until you begin to hear a signal. For instance, if you have a microphone plugged into the left input on an AudioBox USB, this would be knob 1.
  6. Continue to turn the gain up for that channel until the red "clip" LED illuminates
  7. Roll the channel back while inputting a signal until the "clip" LED ceases to illuminate

9. If you are using a condenser microphone, make sure that the 48V button on the front of the AudioBox is pressed and illuminated. This will supply energy, called "phantom power" to your condenser mic.