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How to fix Presonus Audiobox USB making acoustic guitar sound steely

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asked Sep 10, 2016 in Studio One 3 by nathanburwig (150 points)
Whenever I try to record my acoustic guitar through the Presonus Audiobox USB with Presonus Artist I receive a very steely sound from my headphones. I play a lot of fingerstyle guitar and it seems like it is picking up more of the sound of my nail hitting the string than the actual resonation of the string itself.

I am currently running Windows 10 and my computer is custom made. I apologize for the lack of information on my computer or whats happening but I'm very new to recording and audio mechanics.

Thank you for viewing my post and I hope you can help me out.

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answered Sep 13, 2016 by mattcaprio (148,370 points)
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The AudioBox USB is just an interface. There is very little you can adjust on the AudioBox itself to change the sound of the recordings. All effects processing and other manipulation of the audio would be handled within your recording software.

However if the raw recording of your guitar isn't to your liking then no amount of DAW-magic will make much of a difference.

In my personal experience I find that plugging an acoustic guitar directly in to an interface is not going to sound good, especially in the manner you're describing. Your best bet to recording a good sounding acoustic guitar would be to point a microphone at it.

A quick Google search for "How to mic a steel guitar" will give you some great jumping off points and ideas for types of mics to look in to.