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How to enable buttons from m-audio controller that don't register in pre-sonus?

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asked May 12, 2017 in Studio One 3 by mauriciocampuzano (170 points)
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UPDATE: Looks like this question has come up with M-Audio controllers before, no good answer yet...

I recently purchased a keyboard controller, M-Audio Keystation 49es. I added it to PreSonus as an external device, keyboard, and it plays fine. However, the buttons as the top (arrow and select buttons as well as stop, play, record) don't work and don't register in the midi input light (MIDI monitor) either. I also tried mapping them with the MIDI Learn function, but PreSonus doesn't recognize the key presses.

I've been able to use them with Ableton Live 9, but not with PreSonus... anyone know how to get them to register?

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answered May 16, 2017 by Jamesrhone1 (200,320 points)
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The device needs to be added as a New Control Surface for the surface controls to work. The New Keyboard Option is for the keys to work. 

Set Up Control Surfaces

In Studio One, a Control Surface is a hardware device that includes transport controls, faders, and other specialized controls. The control surface might use MIDI directly or via a special control layer such as Mackie Control.

To set up a Control Surface, do the following: 

  1. In the Options/External Devices menu (Mac OS X: Preferences/External Devices, click on the [Add...] button. 
  2. Choose your device from the predefined device list. Set this to New Control Surface if you do not see your device in the list. If set to New Control Surface, you may wish to type in a Manufacturer Name and a Device Name in the appropriate fields. This makes identifying the Control Surface easier. 
  3. Specify the device to which the Control Surface is sending and the device from which it is receiving via Studio One. Select your MIDI device driver name from the drop-down menu for both Receive From and Send To. 
  4. You do not need to specify the MIDI channels your Control Surface should use, as control surfaces use alternative protocols, such as Mackie Control, to communicate with Studio One. 
  5. Your Control Surface is now ready for use in Studio One.
After you do this you can MIDI learn the transport controls. Not sure about the Select and Arrow buttons though. 

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answered Jun 20, 2021 by giovannipaologaleotti (410 points)
I've got the same problem, and in my case setting the keyboard as a Control Surface doesn't resolve the problem: midi learn can't get any input, it's like those button are fake

I've got Presonus Studio One 5 DEMO and an M-Audio Keystation 88 MKII 2nd