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How can I use "Midi Learn" for the knobs of my M-Audio Oxygen Pro ?

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asked Apr 11, 2022 in Studio One 5 by chrisward8 (130 points)


I have spent a lot of time studying the thread on the existing, similar question "M-Audio's Oxygen Pro DAW Integration".  Very interesting answers in there.  However, my issue is more specific, so I hope it justifies it's own question to show up in future searches. 

I've just bought an M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49.  I really like it.  I did all the recommended set-up things to get it working and all the DAW features seem to work for me on S1. Happy days.

However - what I want to do is use the knobs (above the pads) for real-time parameter changing in S1 recording.  I've done this before with my Novation LaunchKey mini.  With that I got to the stage of using "Midi Learn" to detect the knobs.  They all showed up when moved so I could then easily assign them to any of the parameters I wanted to alter.

S1 is recognising me turning the Oxygen Pro knobs, and they do control the things they are assigned to when putting the Oxygen Pro into "Studio1" DAW mode. So the connectivity is there. 

It just feels like I need to put the Oxygen Pro into some special mode in order to use the knobs in an assignable way within instruments/effects.  I've tried all sorts of variations of SHIFT + PAD and < BANK > etc. but I've never had Midi Learn recognise me turn any knob.

Oddly - the only thing which does show up in Midi Learn is when I move the Modulation wheel.

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