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Notion randomly freezes when saving

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asked May 15, 2017 in Notion by nickbeach1 (180 points)

Using Notion 5 with Windows 10.

Most of the time Notion works fine, but randomly when I go to save my work it freezes (just the Windows 10 blue circle rotating).  I have made sure I have the latest version.  The only way out is then to close the programme (clearly not totally frozen as it will still shut down). Any suggestions?

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answered May 17, 2017 by TechSupport77 (195,380 points)
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There is currently a problem with the MIDI output ports in Notion and Windows 10.  The issue has been logged with our development team in hopes that it might be resolved in a future update.  In the meantime, please go to File>Preferences>MIDI and select "-" for all of your MIDI output ports.  Once you have set your MIDI output ports to none, please close and re-open the program.  If the ports are already set to "-," please set them to something else, and then back to the hash-mark.  Close and re-open Notion.