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"Add Insert" command does not work properly

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asked May 18, 2017 in Studio One Feature Requests by hobotech (1,550 points)
"Add Insert" is an AMAZING somewhat hidden feature in Studio One. As far as I can tell, to use it you have to map a keyboard shortcut to it...the only place I've seen it is in the Keyboard Shortcuts screen.

It pops open an incremental search dialog box with all of your plugins in it, so theoretically all you have to do is hit your shortcut (I've mapped the letter "I"), type the name of the plugin, and hit enter. This is the fastest method I've ever used for adding a plugin to a track in any DAW I've ever used.

Unfortunately, this feature is half-baked at the moment. There are two issues:

1) Search does not work as expected. For example, typing the letters "amp" takes you to the Ampire plugin...even if you type more letters ("ampeg" for example), it will not find the plugin with that name. If you repeatedly press a single letter, it tries to take you through all of the plugins that begin with this letter, but it fails in many cases - often inexplicably. For example, on my system I can get to all of the plugins that begin with A, but with H it gets stuck halfway through. And it often doesn't respond to the letter U at all!

2) EVERY plugin is shown in the list, even the ones you've hidden in the browser. This makes the flaky searching even more frustrating.

Fantastic feature! Would be so great if it was fixed to realize it's potential.

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answered May 18, 2017 by AlexTinsley (909,900 points)
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