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Please add "Merge MIDI Tracks" command (from different tracks running concurrently)

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asked Jul 14 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by erikhusler (4,450 points)
We need a simple command to Merge MIDI Events that play simultaneously on separate (arranger) tracks. There's still no straightforward way to do this. Searching for/ inventing workarounds is very time consuming.

Putting MIDI events on top of each other replaces the underlying event for most of us. Copying MIDI notes in the event editor from one track to the next does the same here. It might be dependent on some general MIDI preference that's hard to find (I haven't) and that you never changed, since it has worked for some in the past, but never did for others.

Use cases: Merging separate Drum MIDI tracks to one, merging VI melody and chords to one musicloop, orchestral work, a VI doubling many separate events etc.

Please add this long awaited command dear Presonus team!

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answered Jul 15 by johnneill (180 points)
Merging Midi tracks is a PITA on Studio One. It's the one thing that I miss not using Cakewalk, it was pretty straight forward to merge midi tracks and events together.