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How do I configure the I/O in Studio One 3 for Studio 68 and HP4 for monitoring and recording?

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asked May 18, 2017 in PreAmps, Signal Processors and Monitoring Hardware by brucegale (500 points)

I just upgraded my AudioBox USB to Studio 68 and purchased an HP4.  My primary use is for voice over work, and purchased this hardware to record multi-person reads on separate mono audio tracks.

DAW: Studio One 3 Professional

Studio 68 and HP4 set-up

  • Mics on #1 and #2 Studio 68 Mic/Inst/Line inputs
  • 1 headphone on Studio 68 phone output and 1 headphone HP4 #1 phone output
  • 2 balanced 1/4" cables from Studio 68 line outputs 3 & 4 to the HP4 Right and Left inputs

Activity: Two person read on separate mono tracks

Desired outcome: Ability for both readers to simultaneously listen to the playback on the headphone connected to the Studio 68 phone output and the headphone connected to the HP4 #1 phone output

Problem: I can't get the audio I/O set up correctly to do this.

Bonus: When recording, I'd also like each person to hear themself with 0 latency, or a mix of themself and the output. 

Thanks for your help!

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answered May 19, 2017 by paulclarke2 (27,400 points)
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The image linked below shows how to create separate headphone mixes for each reader. With this setup monitoring and playback will be routed individually i.e Reader 1 will only hear what they are recording & have recorded (Playback), same for reader two.

If you want either reader to hear the other, Power On and turn up the Cue Mix for Reader 1 and turn up the track fader for Reader 2.