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How to disable Main on Faderport 8 (I want Main to only be assigned to my Faderport "1")

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asked Jun 3, 2017 in FaderPort 8 by mrlucmorin (1,080 points)
I have the old Faderport (only one strip), and just got the new FaderPort 8.

Is there any way to set them so that "Main" is only assigned to the FaderPort 1?

In other words, how do I prevent the FaderPort 8 to always have the Main as the last fader?

Not a major issue, just trying to justify keeping my old FaderPort around ;-)
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2 Answers

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answered Jun 20, 2017 by leonmitchell (240 points)
Hi, what you can do is highlight your master fader on your daw and on your faderport select the output button. Then your faderport will control your master fader. On your faderport 8 don't select the master button. This will keep that function disabled in the faderport 8 but you can control the master in your faderport. Hopefully, this will help you out.
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answered Aug 19, 2018 by bastiaanmarcscholtemeijer (1,650 points)
My workflow is also as such that I rarely touch the master fader. Having an option to assign it to a specific FP8 fader when the “master” button is selected (i.e. when its not selected faders are assigned to channels only) would be helpful.