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Track markers are not accurate when I burn CD's after updated to 3.5

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asked Jun 8, 2017 in Studio One 3 by (150 points)
When I set my track markers everything is normal, but when I burn the CD the markers are a second or two early.

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answered Jun 14, 2017 by haukurpalma (500 points)
I´m having this problem too.  I have gone back to using 3.3 for CD burning, since 3.5 is not capable of doing it correctly.  This is such a shame, because I love the new loudness features.
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answered Jun 17, 2017 by calebizsol (190 points)
Yup, I'm having the same problem!!!   Hope this gets fixed soon!!
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answered Aug 1, 2017 by roscoelipin (150 points)
I am having the same problem. I have reset track markers and tried everything I can think of...... Client expects me to be able to burn a reliable cd.......
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answered Sep 28, 2017 by peterglanzmann (210 points)
same here ( SO1 3.5) , when I create pauses with individual lengths ( 2ms; 3ms; 4ms )in the project all looks fine; on the CD everything is shifted back.
I created a similar project on Studio One 2 and the CD was fine.