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AVB 500 Series Rack for the SL32?

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asked Jun 16, 2017 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by kareemmills (1,100 points)

I keep thinking of this productenlightened... I bought the SL32 had it maybe a week nowheart

wishing this mixer had this as a stage box type insert option

Right now I use 2 computers, 1 computer connected USB [my daw] and 1 computer AVB [my mac] for effect sends and bounce downs btw I'm not sure if you designed it to work this way but it works great!.......I would really like to be able on any of my 32 channels inputs Analog or USB, create an Network/AVB insert to send to a "stage box type??" send and return???. 500 series rack....Why 500 series? smh.. you know.... It would bring this lovely mixer to another level....I myself would buy 3 AVB racks right now... but it doesn't exist....honestly...I don't need another stage box, plenty on the market if I wanted to get one but  I don't do live sound..and I bet if you did a  poll,  a lot of the ppl who are buying this mixer are using it in project studios that being said that  AVB 500 rack thingy and this mixer integration would bridge the gap into the world of high end gear

8 slots

bridgeable slots for stereo or  vocal chains 

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answered Jun 16, 2017 by Skip Jones (166,630 points)
selected Jun 25, 2018 by benpierce
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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