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No AVB communication between Series iii 16r used as stage box with 32r! any clues am I missing something?

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asked Oct 1 in StudioLive Series III by waynejimes (1,460 points)
Maybe its me, but I have recently swapped out my two RML mixers 32&16 and replaced with Series iii 32r&16r. and cannot get them to work together.

I have set up in stage box mode, you can see the mixer and select the stage box mode you require and set the AVB inputs etc. I have done all that but no audio from the 16r to the 32 on the relevant channels.

I have even tried to soft patch manually between the mixers but cannot get any AVB between them. I am using the presonus SW5E AVB switch with cat 6 ethernet cable. and made sure both mixers and UC surface are al at the correct firmware/software levels. Mixer 2.1 app 3.1. And also have AVB between my Mac and the AVB switch. I can get playback on the mixers from the mac OK. but nothing between them.

Am i doing something wrong?

Any Thanks

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answered Oct 1 by jonnydoyle (220,320 points)
selected Oct 1 by waynejimes
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The issue is the Mac on the AVB network. 

Recording over AVB is not supported while using Stagebox mode with your StudioLive Series III mixer. Connecting a Mac to your AVB network with your StudioLive mixer enabled as an AVB device will disable Stagebox mode.

Section 4.1:

Please review the above. 

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answered Oct 2 by waynejimes (1,460 points)
Thank you, very quick response,

That explains it.

Great tool this system.