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Series 3 Mixer AVB Features

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asked May 2, 2017 in StudioLive Series III by martinav (540 points)
I am purchasing a second series 3 mixer.  I would like to connect these two mixers together with the AVB Cat5 connection.  I am needing to provide two completely separate and independent mixes of the same live event.  Will connecting via AVB allow me to do this?  I want to let our 32channel mix the FOH... and the 16channel to mix for our live online broadcast.  I want the raw input from every channel to be the input for both boards.  I have done similar with Dante on a Yamaha m7cl.  I was hoping AVB would allow this, if both boards are the Presonus series 3.  Again, I'm not wanting to cascade, I just want to mix for two different outputs.  I want each to function in FOH mode.  Will this work?

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answered May 2, 2017 by stingray1122 (7,680 points)
selected May 2, 2017 by abrand2
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Yes and no.

Yes, AVB in the Series III is capable of connecting between the 2 mixers to share the inputs of one with the other.

No, the full AVDECC Control part of AVB is not implemented yet so establishing the connections requires 3rd party software and the connections are not remembers after a power cycle.

This will all be added and fully supported in a future update. Likely in Q3 of this year (2017).
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answered May 2, 2017 by martinav (540 points)
Thanks for that answer.  I'm sure the priorities are for basic functions debug, and rolling out the 16 & 24 channel boards out into production... which I actually have one of each of those on order too!  Carry on...