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How fast of a external hard drive is necessary?

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asked Jun 28, 2017 in Computer Based Recording & Production by adzord (190 points)

How fast and what type of external hard drive is sufficient for tracking audio?

I'm using Studio One 3, Audiobox1818 (no longer VSL) and a Early 2015 Macbook Pro core i5 8 mb ram. It has Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3 ( My 2008 Mac Pro desktop just died and I'm trying to make due with what I have...)

What I'm asking is, what kind of transfer rate is fast enough for recording a full band live off the floor?   ( I'd prefer recording at 24-44.1 but 24-96 provides lower latency)  Transfer rates seem to very from 124MB/sec to 450MB/second and beyond.

I'm only looking for 1or 2 TB Capacity.  Do I need 7200rpm or is 5400 sufficient and I cant afford an SSD. I'm looking to spend under $300 Canadian (so $230 US...ouch)

So Thunderbolt 2 or USB 3 and What transfer rate.

Thanks for your anticipated input!

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answered Jun 28, 2017 by TechSupport77 (195,050 points)
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You do NOT want to use a 5400 rpm hard drive.  They are too slow for writing audio.  A 7200 rpm hard drive should work for you if you are not looking to upgrade to SSD.  As for the bus structure, you will want to use Thunderbolt if possible.

Thunderbolt 2:  40 Gbps

USB 3:  5 Gbps