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What is the best way to manage hard drive space? Or, do I have to get a new computer with more space?

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asked May 1, 2017 in Computer Based Recording & Production by hevertramos (310 points)
recategorized May 2, 2017 by gadget69
I have an early 2015 13" macbook PRO retina display running Sierra with a 128Gb  solid state hard drive, I recently purchased the latest version  Studio One 3 PRO. What is the best way to manage my space or do I have to switch to a different computer with a bigger hard drive?  Right now I'm having  troubles finishing the installation because of lack of space. Studio One is the only heavy application I have on my computer everything else is just what comes in it.

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answered May 3, 2017 by Jamesrhone1 (200,320 points)
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If your computer can support multiple hard drives, it is best to run Studio One and third party VST programs from the main drive, but install and run Sound Sets, content and sample libraries to a second drive. Songs also should be saved and streamed from that second drive.