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Can the 4 mic/line inputs on CS18ai be used to record DIRECTLY into Studio One (without a RM mixer)?

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asked Oct 25, 2015 in Ai Mixers by bruceefflandt (120 points)

 In other words, is a RM series mixer ALSO REQUIRED to use the CS18ai simply as a control surface/recording interface for Studio One?!? I have read through both the user manual and quick guide and they only mention the input standard use/default settings as: "The CS18AI is primarily a control surface, but its rear panel includes  a selection of audio inputs and outputs. These are convenient for  providing talkback and for playing source audio from front-of- house."  If the inputs can be used as direct source for tracking a few channels into Studio One, how are they configured? Unless I missed something, not covered in the manual. Thanks!

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answered Oct 26, 2015 by stingray1122 (6,720 points)
Right now, the local inputs and outputs on the CS18AI can not be used as an audio interface with a computer. This is because the AVDECC part of the AVB specification that allows third party devices (such as a computer) to recognize the audio IO has not been implemented yet in the CS18AI. Our Engineering team is working on this and we plan to have it available in a future update.

You do not need an RM mixer to use the CS18AI with Studio One. The CS18AI will work as a controller with Studio One 3 and you can use any audio interface you'd like along with the controller.
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answered Oct 7, 2016 by scotttroyer (490 points)
Commenting so I can receive updates once AVDECC is implemented in CS18AI.