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Several questions from a first-time Sceptre buyer

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asked Jul 26, 2017 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by timmcginley (120 points)

Hey all,

Just picked up a pair of Sceptre S6s secondhand.  They're my first foray into modern SM's after a long time mostly working with vintage home theater audio (I'm nothing more than a music fan and audiophile).   Had a couple questions that come out of making such great pro speakers work for my very modest needs.

1) Don't laugh, but my primary input is Airplay -> Airport Express -> 3.5mm to TS x2 -> S6.  The Express' DAC is actually pretty good, but there's no non-digital volume control and as such the S6s, even on the lowest input volume level, are way too loud for the space, and I'd like to use balanced connections all around anyway.  Is a DAC inserted in the chain with a volume setting the solution here?  

2) Does cutting the Input Volume from U (say to MIN in this case) reduce or improve quality in your view? Setting it to MAX would degrade quality obviously...

3) I've seen conflicting information from PreSonus on whether they can be used transparently in the upside-down orientation.  This puts the drivers at a better position for me so I'm curious on a definitive answer.

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