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I need help setting up Cableguys Midishaper, please.

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asked Jul 31, 2017 in Studio One 3 by jasonbrown19 (1,100 points)

I'm still new to Studio One 3 and I'm having some difficulty with a few things.

I just bought Cableguys Midishaper and although they have specific instructions on their website for setting up Midishaper in Studio One I'm following the instructions to the letter and I still cannot get this thing up and running on any software instrument.

If anybody on here uses this plugin I would really appreciate your help in learning how to set it up, this is my main reason for posting this.

But, on a slightly different note could somebody explain to me why some AU plugins seem to not function properly within Studio One whereas if I use the VST version the plugin functions? I've just moved to Studio One from Logic and I use a Mac and always within Logic I would use AU versions of everything as I thought they were the best and most stable version for Mac, so I'm a tad confused.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

Take it easy,


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answered Aug 2, 2017 by lawrencefarr (221,390 points)
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We able to make it work by adding it to a bus (to get it loaded into the song for use) and assigning it as the instrument's track input.  In the image you can see it streaming CC data into the monitored instrument track which affects the instrument that's playing on that track in real time.

Anything beyond that, please refer to the Midishaper help documents and tutorials.