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Studio One 2 Randomly Stops Recording.

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asked Aug 3, 2017 in Studio One 2 by brandon033 (150 points)
I have a Dell Laptop with the following specs...

- i7 Processor

- 16GB RAM

- External Hard Drive For Saving Music

- 256GB SSD That Program Is Installed On.

I found this link ( and went through the entire process trying to resolve my issue. I was able to reduce the CPU usage to only 5% and I'm still having problems. I'm not convinced the problem is related to the CPU usage. I cant record for longer than 30 seconds to sometimes 2 minutes with an interruption. Is there anything else that's not mentioned in the previous link that could be the issue? I had Studio one on an older Dell laptop with a it ran fine. Now I have a Studio One 2 on my newer laptop and I cant record anything without running into this problem.

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answered Aug 3, 2017 by PreSonuSupt4 (221,100 points)
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Hi Brandon,

If the tech support articles referenced earlier didn't help, please create a support ticket so that a support representative can get into more detail and work with you towards a solution.  If you submit a support ticket please attach an NFO file as outlined below.

To access your PC’s System Information on Windows 7
1. Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Information
2. IMPORTANT: Click File then "Save as", save this file as a .nfo file format and rename the file your name and attach it to the support ticket.

To access your PC’s System Information on Windows 8 and Windows 10:
1. Go to the Desktop.
2. Press [WinLogoKey] + R to bring up 'Run'.
3. Type 'msinfo32' without quotes.
4. Press the [Enter] key.
5. IMPORTANT: Click File then "Save...", save this file as a .nfo file format and rename the file your name and attach it to the support ticket.
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answered Dec 23, 2019 by guilschotte (230 points)
I am having this same problem today, but with Studio One Artist 4.6.  At the same time, my keyboard shortcuts stopped working.  To initiate recording (once the track is armed) I have to click the actual RECORD button twice.  S1 then records for a random period of time before it decides to stop recording, while head transport continues in playback mode. When I am reading a narration, I suddenly notice that I am no longer being recorded and I have to go back to the end of the recorded track to figure out where to pick up the reading again.  I'm going to have to download the free version of Pro Tools just so I have a back up to my Presonus DAW, I guess!

I've already got a ticket created, but in checking the forum it doesn't seem there are any ideas as to how to fix this problem.  I am using an Asus G75V i7 with 12 GB of RAM for my DAW, pair with a Tascam US-2x2 interface.